Destek are delighted to be an official UK supplier of GlassOuse Assistive Technology to offer to customers.

GlassOuse is the new concept of Assistive Technology (AT) aimed at people with mobility impairments or disability or may have a brain injury such as a stroke that may experience difficulty accessing devices using conventional keyboard and mouse methods.

GlassOuse allows users to control Bluetooth enabled devices with ease by using head movements.

Equipped with a smart battery you can charge in just 1.5 hours and has the added benefits of entering sleep mode and waking up quickly at your convenience

Once fully charged you can use GlassOuse for up to 7-10 days!

What does it look like?


The headset is lightweight weighing at just 50g and sits on your head like a pair of glasses with an attached changeable mouthpiece.



GlassOuse Assictive Technology Headset


With high compatibility with all Windows, Android, Linux, Smart TV and most mobile systems GlassHouse is quickly responds to commands and is easy to use.

Click here to watch a demonstration video in Vimeo(Opens in a new window)

How to get in touch to find out more

If you would like to find out more on how you can purchase your own GlassOuse device please email us at






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