Do we have to make any accessibility adjustments when moving to 365?

Yes. There are great accessibility features built in to 365, but additional techniques can be used to create a more accessible and productive environment.

Do you deal only with accessibility on computers?

No, we work in various areas such as computers, mobile applications, employment, buildings, telephony and training.

Do your documents have to be accessible?

Yes. There are ways of making all document formats accessible. Popular formats such as Word documents and PDF’s have to be correctly marked up to work alongside assistive technology.

Can you provide training for our staff?

Yes, we can train employees in using various assistive technologies, enabling them to become more confident, productive and efficient.  Very often it is the employers that really need our help!

Would you support our organisation in creating policies and procedures for our staff with disabilities?

Yes. We can help create these in line with the Equality Act 2010 and disability legislation, to ensure all environments are accessible and productive for all stakeholders.