In November 2014, Destek will be attending the British Technology Summit in Istanbul. It is an amazing opportunity for all British businesses to find and create links between the UK and Turkey.

The British Technology Summit 2014 provides an opportunity to showcase Destek in one of Europe’s most exciting growth markets. Turkey’s economic stability is rapidly growing, and the possibility of EU membership makes it the ideal market for UK technology companies looking for new opportunities.

Trade between the UK and Turkey has increased by almost 40% since 2009 to over £6.8 billion a year. This flourishing growth combined with Turkish businesses’ appetite for new and innovative technology to enable them to move up the value chain makes Turkey an attractive market for Destek and other UK firms.

Destek would love to share this event with as many other British businesses as possible. It would also be an exciting opportunity to meet as many Turkish companies as possible to help spread our message and company values to a wider community. Any technology companies interested in attending this, please contact Andrea Kennedy of Destek via

British Technology Summit 2014