Silver for Roger!

Roger Rees Evans participates in the Blind Archery Championship

Roger Rees-Evans has recently returned from Germany after representing Team GB in the Blind Archery World Championships. Roger is a B1 archer who is totally blind and last week was in Donaueschingen competing against the best blind archers from around the world.

Roger is a pioneer in the sport and was accompanied by his son, Team GB manager, Destek’s own Graham. After an excellent performance throughout the tournament, and setting a new European record, Roger won the Silver Medal, narrowly missing out in the final. Destek are delighted to have sponsored Roger and extremely proud of his achievement!

Accessible Communications

Destek’s latest success has come in the form of its accessible communications service. Due to specific legislation regarding accessible information, many companies are asking how to make their documentation and electronic information accessible to all. Destek identified a need for their customers ‘to be able to create their own’ accessible information as having massive amounts of documentation audited and repaired can be a costly business. Because of this we created our ‘Accessible Communications Training Course’ which teaches organisations not only the law and what should be done but how to do it! The Step by Step guides produced for the course can also form part of an organisational ‘Accessible Communications Policy’ and was a great success with attendees.


In the coming Month(s) Destek will be releasing eLearning packages ready for purchase on the website. The initial subjects covered will be Content Author Training, and Accessible Web Development, however more packages covering various other subjects will be developed and released in time.

We are Bilingual!

The Destek Website is now available both in English and Welsh. There is the option to translate the page for Welsh speakers looking at our website. We are not done there, as the name suggests we do have a Turkish influence, and the Turkish language will also be available once the translation is complete.