Destek are pleased to be speaking at this year’s Travel Technology Europe’s Show new Tech Huddle this week.

co founder Andrea Kennedy

On Wednesday 23rd 11.15am -11.55am Andrea Kennedy will be speaking on the subject:

Want to tap into a potential market of $3.5 trillion and make travel easier for people with disabilities?

 There are over a billion people with disabilities in the world.  If that figure were a populous, the country would be roughly three times larger than the US!

 It may be a surprise when you hear the majority of the Travel industries digital products such as websites, payment portals and ticket kiosks are inaccessible to many people with disabilities, through outdated, or inaccessible development techniques.

 Across the world, law states that digital public environments must be accessible, with the US Government even taking steps to fine Airlines with inaccessible digital environments for every day of their inaccessibility.  In light of our aging population, and the associated barriers that it brings, it makes sense that our product and service offerings should be provided as accessible and usable to all.

 I aim to show how you can start the journey to becoming an accessible company who can indeed reach this market and aid people with disabilities across the globe.  It isn’t rocket science and the journey is an enlightening one.


How people with disabilities use digital environments

What are the barriers the travel industry inadvertently put up?

How can you address this problem and increase your market.

Why is that accessible environments are usable environments?


You will have a greater understanding of the international digital traveller

You will be able to identify your own organisation barriers and can create your digital action plan

You will, because of these actions increase you market, and actively address your corporate responsibilities – In short, you will improve travel for all, including those with disabilities.


If you around come and join in the discussions!