The Digital Tourism Exhibition, an end of programme event, will showcase a range of projects. Supported by the programme and other digital tourism activity in Wales, alongside technologies and ideas that the industry can use.

More than 40 exhibitors will be demonstrating a wide variety of technology including apps and related platforms, augmented reality, gaming tools, interactive web and wearable devices.

Destek will be highlighting the business case for accessible technologies as well as access to goods and services to reach the widest possible audience.  During this exhibition Destek will be offering organisations the chance to look at their mobile technologies or web/software offerings through a disabled user perspective.  We will be giving everyone a chance to view their application using amazing technologies such screen readers to enable a person to listen to their application and navigate as a person with a visual impairment would or controlling or navigating their applications purely by voice, on a range of operating systems and handsets.

Digital Tourism Exhibition

Destek aim to show that providing accessible technology and friendly environments is not only the ‘right thing to do’ but it makes great business sense!