Pictured above: Mehmet Evsen, Director of Destek Accessible Technology Solutions had his thought provoking paper ‘Disability Rights in Turkey: Time for change’, published on the ‘Turkish Policy Quarterly’ website.

Turkish Policy Quarterly (TPQ) is an Istanbul-based journal aiming to foster original thinking and constructive policy debates on Turkey and its neighborhood. The journal has been published on a quarterly basis since 2002. TPQ focuses on Turkey’s broader neighborhood with a global outlook and bridges research with policy-making.

Mehmet’s paper reports on the fact that 13 percent of Turkey’s population is disabled, and yet there are still leaps and bounds to be made with regard to equality, accessibility, and employment opportunities for the disabled community. From the perspective of his involvement in providing disability services in Turkey as well as around the globe, he argues that Turkish businesses and the government need to see the value added in employing members of the disabled community, many of which have untapped skill sets. He emphasizes the vital importance of ending discrimination against disabled people in Turkey and providing the opportunity for their meaningful participation in public life.

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