National Resources WalesDestek have worked closely with Natural Resources Wales over the past two years to enable a fully inclusive and accessible working environment for its staff and visitors.
Since its creation, Natural Resources Wales has made incredible progress to ensure that their physical and digital environments are as accessible as possible. Destek has supported Natural Resources Wales throughout this journey and would like to acknowledge their enthusiasm and determination towards disability matters for its customers and staff. In fact, Natural Resources Wales have a wonderful group of Assistive Technology users who regularly meet and share best practice and also work together with Destek to ensure all assisted users get the training they need or assist with User Acceptance Testing (UAT) when requested.

Knowledge worth sharing

Lewis Owen teaches NRW employeesMost recently, a group of senior design, branding and IT infrastructure team members underwent an ‘Accessible Communication’ training course, delivered by Destek to understand how to create accessible electronic documentation. These techniques can be employed when creating emails, webpages, PDF and word documents and many other types of electronic communications.
Staff were taught topics such as; why accessibility is important; the benefits of accessible communication to individuals; the issues facing stakeholders with disabilities and then were instructed in practical technological steps in preventing barriers in future documentation.
Natural Resources Wales stands out in terms of their desire and willingness to make positive changes. They have taken huge steps towards becoming a fully accessible company for both its staff and customers.
We recognise their commitments, and hope that more companies will soon follow the excellent example set by Natural Resources Wales by helping to make all working environments accessible for all.