Global Accessibility Awareness Day

We have been busy putting plans together for May 18th where Destek will be taking part in Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).

We are delighted to be invite to once again to attend and speak at several events at one of the leading TV media company and a giant IT company which we have been preparing. One area we want to discuss with those in attendance will be around how we move forward with supporting the aging workforce.

We also busy preparing ‘top tips’ and videos to help support and raise awareness of assistive technologies and accessibility for our social media campaign.


Accessibility in Qatar

Back in February we were delighted to win a contract to work with 40 organisations in Qatar to improve the accessibility of their websites.

We are now several months in to the project and we are ahead of schedule and it is good to see that the organisations are committed to accessibility to ensure that their users with disabilities have a good experience when accessing goods information and services.

Workforce Assistive Technology Training

We have continued to help Government Departments in London and Wales by providing training in assistive technologies and telephony solutions so that staff are able to work effectively.

It is great to see that some of the Government departments are listening and supporting their staff this not only enables staff to work productively but also allows organisations to retain the valuable core skills and experience staff bring to the organisation.

If you want to find out more how we can help support your staff please see our Train2Retain services


Mobile In The US

We have been working with our partners in the US to assess the accessibility of a major US mailing house mobile website.

Increasingly users are using mobile technology in their social and work lives organisations are aware that their websites have to be accessible on multiple platforms many of which have in built accessibility features which will enable these organisations reach a broader audience and be inclusive to all users.

To find out more on how our services may support your workforce or accessibility journey please contact us at