It used to be a well-known phrase ‘Life begins at 40’ but as we are living longer and the state pension age for retirement gets further and further aware a majority of our society will be working well in to their 60’s and even 70’s.

The benefits of making the right reasonable adjustments can empower staff to be more productive and help the organisation to maintain the skills and knowledge and reduce costs of recruiting and training new staff.

However, many employers face challenges who must find new ways of supporting older workers who may acquire new health conditions, impairments or disabilities and quite often do not know where to begin or where to go for help.

It can also be time consuming for line managers or HR teams who may have to contact different organisations or suppliers for one off solutions where staff may need several adjustments to complete the complete solution.

For instance, making some adaptions to the desk or mouse sometimes improves the experience but we really need to look at all aspects of the environment and role of the individual as bespoke to them.

Many organisation with the best of intentions will pigeon hole disabilities with a solution but we must remember that one size does not fit al and we need to respond to each case individually. To do this organisations really need to look at the overall culture of their business and putting in place effective and efficient support for line managers to access help to make the reasonable adjustments.

So, what solutions are available?

Destek offer a suite of services that offers organisations solutions to digital barriers staff my experience and help manage reasonable adjustments requests internally through to referral.

Once referred Destek will complete an assessment of the barriers we will work with both the individual and the organisation to find software or equipment that would improve access to be able to sustain their current role


We can help with the recruitment process and support both the recruit and organisation from the onset.

We can also look at any telephony systems that may prevent the staff member from using current handsets or issues with headphone compatibility with current organisation systems.

And finally…

Let’s not forget no matter how accessible and inclusive the workplace set up solutions are if the organisations online web, mobile or apps are not accessible then some of the software solutions may not interact as intended therefore we can review you’re in house online products to ensure staff and customers can access goods, services, or information in line with the industry standards and the Equality Act 2010.

We can package any of these solutions for you to suit your budget and requirements and to find out more see our Train2Retain services