Accessible Web Development Training

As well as being able to audit your web content to check that it meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), we also provide training to your web development teams to enable them to implement fixes and to create accessible products from conception and design through to the end product.

Destek believe that the more people that know about Accessible Web Development the better. Therefore, we believe that transferring our skills to as many people as possible will help to create a World Wide Web that is accessible to everyone.

Accessible Web Development Course

Web accessibility benefits everyone, those with and without disabilities, as it encourages increased usability of web based materials. It also makes good business sense, by ensuring the content on your website is readily accessible to as wide a range of users as possible, you increase your potential audience and create a wider market. Additionally, if your site has a positive user experience they are more likely to return and tell others.

Our two day seminar that shows delegates how to design accessible web pages and how to evaluate web pages for accessibility, we can also audit your web site to check if it is accessible. It provides a practical path through the guidelines, describing what you need to do to meet requirements, how to retrofit inaccessible pages and how to make sure new content is accessible.

Having accessibility knowledge will enable developers to find and fix accessibility issues as they appear in a development process. This will create a more accessible end product with accessible thought of from conception.

Teams with a knowledge of accessibility find creating accessible products far easier than trying to retrofit accessible into a product after creation.

Who is it for?

  • Web developers / Website designers
  • Marketing managers who want to find out about the business and brand benefits of an accessibility focus
  • Project managers who want to ensure their web projects comply with standards and legislation.
  • Accessibility practitioners who want to migrate from WCAG 1.0 to WCAG 2.0.

Accessibility Testing Workshops

Testing workshops aim to teach testing skills to in-house teams. This allows members to internally test software, web products and content and find issues before content is published to external viewers.