Physical Accessibility Auditing

“We are all physically disabled at some time in our lives. A child, a person with a broken leg, a parent with a pram, an elderly person, etc. are all disabled in one way or another. Those who remain healthy and able-bodied all their lives are few. As far as the built-up environment is concerned, it is important that it should be barrier-free and adapted to fulfil the needs of all people equally. As a matter of fact, the needs of the disabled coincide with the needs of the majority, and all people are at ease with them. As such, planning for the majority implies planning for people with varying abilities and disabilities.” – United Nations – Enable

As such, accessibility of the built and external environment is a key factor in people with disabilities achieving autonomy, inclusion and participation.

We can help you find out how accessible your physical environments are by conducting comprehensive audits of offices, public buildings, events, and transportation. Our building audits identify any barriers that can prevent someone with a disability from entering or using the facilities. This could include the requirement to add ramps, induction loops or information in alternative formats. We will work with you to resolve any issues, making sure you are legally compliant and are fully meeting disabled people’s needs.

There is a legal requirement to make reasonable changes to areas such as structural changes to improve access for people with disabilities. Disabled staff and visitors will benefit from changes to your premises as well as allowing you to reach a wider market than many of your competitors.