Cloud Services

With more and more organisations moving from desktop based software solutions to cloud-based solutions, without the correct support, disabled users and users of assistive technology may get left behind.

The benefits the cloud services can bring to an organisation can be overshadowed if a percentage of the workforce cannot use the new services.

We can provide assurance testing for assistive technology, to ensure that all disabled members of staff will be able to continue their work with very little disturbance.

We can work with staff members to ensure that their current ways of working will not be affected by the move to a cloud-based service.

We can work with the whole staff team to ensure that any document management services are utilised in such a way that enables full use by staff members with disabilities. This will then ensure that the cloud-based service is a benefit to every member of the organisation, and can be used as an inclusivity tool for disabled members of staff.

We can provide:

  • Digital Accessibility Testing
  • Assistive Technology user support
  • Assistive Technology Training
  • Accessible Electronic Communications Creation
  • System Assurance Testing (Accessibility)
  • Web Accessibility Workshops
  • Accessible Communications Training

We can ensure that all Digital environments are accessibility assured and compliance tested. We are experts in assistive technology support for users with disabilities.