Disability Equality at work

The Equality Act 2010 provides disabled people with protection from discrimination in the work place.

Destek provide Accredited Disability equality courses, through face to face training which can also be supplemented with eLearning packages.

The course covers all aspects of disability including definition, discrimination, correct etiquette and legal compliance. Following this the benefits a company could see are an inclusive workforce with a clear understanding of disability creating a wider customer base. Individuals also reap benefits such as General feelings of confidence, awareness and comfort when dealing with the area of disabilities.

Employer – Employee mediation

Where employers and employees disagree, Destek can provide professional employer/employee mediation to allow an amicable outcome to be achieved.

Policy and Procedure Development

The easiest way to create fully accessible content is to create a company wide policy that ensures that content need to be created in an accessible way. This prevents accessibility being thrown into a project as an afterthought where it is much harder to implement.

Creating Policies and Procedures that activity deal with accessibility will ensure that accessibility is considered at every stage of a project, and not left to someone preventing a project from being completed in the final stages due to inaccessible content.

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