Paso Test – Usability at its simplest

Destek partner Paso Research, who are one the leaders in usability and UX Design.

Together, we offer Paso Test, a unique service that allows you to measure your website against others in your industry by a series of specific tasks and other relevant parameters. The results draw a very definite, clear picture of where your company’s website ranks in relation to those sites placed at the top in Industry Analysis.

Other Paso Test include:


3 things you should know about your website

  1. What is the level of the User Experience on your website?
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your website? Measured!
  3. What is important to improve on your website?

This – and much more – is what you get with our concept. Also, it is always benchmarked against 2 of your competitor’s websites (or comparable websites).

The PasoTest concept

  • Minimum 100 respondents visit your website
  • They also visit 2 competitor’s websites (eller comparable websites)
  • They solve the same 5 tasks on the 3 websites

It is very simple and will return highly useful results

What do you get?

An elaborate report that will clearly show, what you should keep and what you should change on your website. You can have the results, and prepare your own analysis of recommendations or, you can purchase the assistance of our highly-experienced consultants.

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Image illustrating QuickTest using companies