Supported Employment

You may employ staff with a disability or impairment or have been considering recruiting but have reservations on how best to support individuals in the workplace to ensure staff have access to the support and help they require.

This is where Destek can help by offering a range of services to make sure you’re meeting your obligations to help staff to succeed, which also benefits the organisation to retain staff with core skills but also can increase productivity.

Our work-based assessments can identify issues and provide solutions for an individual’s needs. We also provide guidance on selecting assistive technologies and training for users.

We can provide:

  • Assessments
    • Assessing staff members to highlight any support needs in the form of equipment, training or alternative ways of working
  • Training
    • Training staff to get the most out of their assistive technology and speed up process and tasks
  • Using assistive technologies with corporate systems
    • Most legacy corporate software has accessibility issues. We can work with staff members to work around accessibility issues and to use assistive technology to work with existing estate software.
  • Support – One to One or group
    • We can support staff members with assistive technologies, working with a disability or users requiring additional support.
  • Helpdesk Services
    • We can provide a email, phone or instant message help desk to help users with a wide range of IT related issues.

We can also group all or a selection of services under our train2retain package.